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Just a word of advice, the Sellwood Bridge is closed until 4:00 p.m. May 16th for major work on the new bridge. We are very excited to see the new bridge, but not until 2016. Just yesterday we received the spring issue of “A Primitive Past”, and “Early American Life”, limited quantity, they are the favorite issues of our regular customers.

Right  now we are in the middle of our Spring Sale, it will continue until May 31st, everything in the store is on sale including the antiques.

Some people have asked if we are a chain or franchise, we are neither, Joan is the owner and only buyer, her  goal has always been to find the finest in American Country and antiques for her customers. This fall she will celebrate 30 years in business, so stay tuned!

June 1st we will receive our summer collection of furnishings and  antiques, you will love whats coming in. Also Joan ordered a few things for Fathers Day, sort of red neck stuff!

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