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Get on your mark, get set, our biggest sale of the year is ready to start.  May 1st thru 31st everything in the store will be on sale including our MADE IN AMERICA furniture, rugs and lighting, plus special orders. You’ll love our selection of 19th century antiques, some with original paint, square nails and fine dovetailing.  Our large selection of restored antique and vintage Griswold and Wagner cast iron cookware is ready for your kitchen.  If you’ve seen the chefs on the food channel, most of them are using cast iron because it cooks better and there are no chemicals in cast iron cookware that is made in America.  Yes we still stock the wonderful new items that Joan finds on the east coast including scented candles from New England, weavings from Pennsylvania, historic paint from the mid west and 1,000 more items.

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  1. Fantastic, Joan!!! Will have to stop by to get another cast iron skillet. I love the one I got from you recently. Great to read your posts, too. Congratulations. Always love shopping at your store and learning of great Country Decorators whose homes we can feature in various interior design magazines!

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