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Winter Welcome

Even though it is 50 plus degrees out, the calendar says it’s winter and it’s January and that means our JANUARY LIGHT SALE  is on now through the end of the month. Come in and save on all floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers in stock.  We have a great selection to choose from, most MADE IN AMERICA. Each month we will be featuring a in store special just for you.

Since Christmas is just a fond memory for you, now is the time to add some sparkle to you home with the flameless candles and we have a large selection of them from tea lights to tapers to pillars and some with timers and some with remotes. How easy is that? The hardest part is deciding witch ones to get. The greatest thing about flameless candles is you can put them most anywhere, in cupboards, high-up where you can’t reach, in children’s rooms, in elderly relatives rooms, in bathrooms, on mantles where there is no plug ins, the ideas are endless. Also the teeny lights, 140 lights, 21 feet long, electric with 6 different functions are very popular with customers, they blend well with our garlands, they will last up to over 2 years. I have had a string on my mantle for over 3 years and we have a string in the front window that has been going over two years 24/7, isn’t that amazing?  Well that isn’t all there is a American At Heart, all 21 rooms are filled with the finest in American Country, Primitive, Colonial and antiques of the period. We have been receiving shipments of new items and antiques each week, it is almost like Christmas when they come in. I have over 100 vendors that I deal with and love each one of them, some for the past 28 years.

For those of you that love winter, then come by and enjoy the snow while it lasts (in the front window). We had so many customers comment about it that we decided to keep it snowing until February 1st. See you soon.

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